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I'm Kristy, the owner, and artisan of pretty Speigel mirrors.  I started antiquing mirrors in 2016 when I had a big idea for a mirror for my home.  Research led me to the ancient art of verre églomisé. As a huge lover of all things history paired with a creative determination, I taught myself this technique that captivated me.  It is my hope that my love for this unique art form translates into each piece and buyer experience.        


Based in Annapolis, MD, I am a proud military wife, mom to two boys and have a dog named Bob.   


(spiegel) means mirror in German.  

The ancient art of verre églomisé

Verre églomisé, glass gilding, is the craft of gilding metal leaf and painting on the backside of the glass or in reverse. Revived in the 18th century by Jean-Baptiste Glomy, a French decorator and art dealer this technique is found on artifacts predating the Roman Era.  In true form, genuine metals are adhered to clear glass with a unique gelatin glue called size, which produces a mirror finish, along with a painted pattern or image.  All work is performed on the backside of the glass, keeping the artwork protected.  While technically challenging this technique is incredibly rewarding once you get the hang of manipulating the extremely delicate leaf and acclimate to painting the foreground of an image first and work toward the background.   

Hero Discount

pretty Speigel proudly offers a 10% retail discount to military, veterans and first responders.